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About Us

"Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking we can get on with creating the future." — James Bertrand is a the #1 job portal dedicated to promoting career opportunities within the government sector in the UAE for FREE!

We believe that the time where most job portals charge you money to post your jobs or post your CV is well over… is here to prove it and revolutionize the job portal industry in the UAE once and for all!

What makes us different?

    Check mark symbol Advertising is now FREE and unlimited for all employers in the government sector (or semi-government).

    Check mark symbol Applications to each job adverts are also FREE and unlimited.

   Check mark symbol Employers’ logos on every job adverts with maximum branding value for FREE. Absolutely, we have no interest in charging you for showing your company logo on our website either. We believe that the more you look good on our site, the more we do too!

   Check mark symbol Solely focus in the UAE market, specialises in one sector only. solely focuses on government and semi-government entities in the UAE.

Then an idea became reality…

One of the key principles for creating was to establish higher value through synergy. When the power of specialization is combined to the power of numbers, the result could only be synergy, enhancing choice and value for Job Seekers and Employers alike.

Why the government sector?

The government sector today offers a solution that many candidates are after. From the working hours to a sense of building the nation, job seekers have not been heard (or heard enough) by the job portal community in the UAE.

Employers in the government and semi-government sector can now join forces and channel their recruitment needs through a niche portal.

Emiratisation is another aspect that made us specialize in this sector. provides UAE Nationals a platform that fits their demands, unlike most generalist job boards.

So how do we make a living then?

Our hope is to first unite the government (and Semi-Gov) sector (candidates and employers) under the same platform. The truth is that until we reach that goal, we will not be able to generate any profit…. But when we succeed in creating a higher value for jobseekers and government affiliated companies, the 3 products that we are hoping to capitalize on are advertising space, Featured Job Postings (Postings that appear on our Home Page) and subscription to our resume database.

However, our success is dependent on the value that we will create. No value, no money. We believe that a business that just sets up in order to make money as a first and foremost goal will not last… If we look around, the businesses that have outlasted others have always been the ones creating more value, and this concept is at the heart of our DNA. Your trust is our most valuable asset and we will never change the concept of this website (free job postings and free resume postings for life).


The Team,